Woollands Equine Re-habilitation Centre (W.E.R.C.)

 Jo Paul M.C.S.P., A.C.P.A.T Cat A - Chartered Physiotherapist

What do we do?

ALL animals are seen with veterinary consent.


Each animal is assessed to determine the variation from their normal movement. That variation is then considered to assess if it is consistent with the functional problem presented.


Physiotherapy covers many modalities but mainly a structure will prevent normal movement if it is restricting, weak, painful or uncoordinated.

At WERC treatment programmes are designed to reverse these detrimental effects and re-train new efficient movement patterns.


Appropriate exercise programmes are prescribed for re-training of efficient movement patterns. Programmes will vary depending on the extent of the original injury and the expected final level of function.

Sometimes more efficient movement will illuminate other problems and referral back to the vet or to the farrier, saddler etc may become necessary.

Follow up

Only after extensive re-habilitation is it sensible to have a few check up assessments, typically two or three.

A pre and post season check may be advisable for all ridden or driven equines as it may identify small problems and will give you peace of mind.

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