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 Jo Paul M.C.S.P., A.C.P.A.T Cat A - Chartered Physiotherapist

Case Study : Difficulty bending in the direction of movement

Physiotherapy problems

pain in neck joints

strengthen and retrain movement

PEMF treatment

  • Muscle imbalance through body.
  • Pain and restricted range of movement in joints of neck and trunk.

Physiotherapy treatment

  • Mobilize tight soft tissue.
  • Strengthen weak muscle.
  • Mobilize joints.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Retrain movement pattern.


If causative stress is identified and eliminated one or two physiotherapy treatments with a follow-on home exercise program. Should see significant result in two weeks.

Possible other causative stresses

  • Poor foot balance.
  • Difficulty in fitting saddle or poorly fitting saddle.
  • Joint pathology.
  • Teeth problems.
  • Schooling problems.
  • Out of balance rider with or without physical problems.

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