Woollands Equine Re-habilitation Centre (W.E.R.C.)

 Jo Paul M.C.S.P., A.C.P.A.T Cat A - Chartered Physiotherapist



treatment area

WERC has seven safe and functional boxes, including an isolation box, all bedded with anti-slip and dust extracted material.

A horse treatment area with infra-red lights to ensure our out-patients go home warm and dry after treatment.

An outdoor school adjacent to the yard, with sand and rubber footing, equipped with blocks, poles and show jumps.

A variety of paddocks, all different sizes and gradients, so in-patients can have appropriate individual turnout. A companion shetland pony can be provided for patients who prefer a friend.

Off-road, hilly hacking.

Small lecture room with extensive library.


outdoor school

one of our paddocks
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