Woollands Equine Re-habilitation Centre (W.E.R.C.)

 Jo Paul M.C.S.P., A.C.P.A.T Cat A - Chartered Physiotherapist

Mrs Jo Paul, M.C.S.P., A.C.P.A.T. Cat A, H.P.C.

Worked with horses after leaving school teaching riding at Pony Club and Riding Club as a BHSAI. Also worked breaking, schooling and competing, mainly training with the late Anne Balfour Kinnear. Primarily competed eventing and team racing but also some show jumping, dressage and point to pointing.

Qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist for humans in1988 and worked full time for the NHS to senior level as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist and occupational health advisor on ergonomics and staff spinal care. Worked part time as an equine physiotherapist since 1989 and obtained ACPAT Cat A status in 1990.

Travelled to the USA to train with Sally Swift in the Centred Riding method and continued training with senior instructors to become a listed Centred Riding Instructor in 1994.

Became a listed dressage judge.

Travelled to South Africa and Scandinavia to further enhance understanding of assessment and physiotherapy treatment of animals.

Travelled as part of the British Vaulting Team to WEG in 1998, treating horses and human athletes.

Have been the physiotherapist for Belwade Farm, the World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) Scottish Centre, since 1990 and became physiotherapy advisor nationally in 1999.

Lectured internationally on physiotherapy in equine re-habilitation.

Previous lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College on the Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc. and clinical educator for that course and ACPAT Core Skills course.

Spent 6 years working on the Equibuddy App which is now marketed worldwide as Twasme.

Presently working from WERC treating equines, the RAMP Council Education Officer and a Clinical Educator and mentor to Chartered Physiotherapists completing their MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Working on a series of online and Practical courses for Join-up-rehab a structure protocol of Equine Physiotherapy assessment, clinical reasoning and treatment.

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